Blake Griffin vs Kevin Love – Who’s the Better Player?


Two young All-Star PFs with great careers ahead of them.

Griffin is known for his explosiveness — Love for his well-rounded game.

Griffin scores a loud 35 — Love a quiet 20 and 20.

Griffin’s ceiling is higher — Love is more fundamentally sound.

Griffin intimidates and imposes his will on offense — Love stretches the defense.

Griffin has flair for the dramatic — Love is the better rebounder.

After having seen both play plenty of times, I’ve decided that I favor Love slightly. My choice was validated after I looked at some advanced statistics.

Love topped Griffin in all the following:

  • Player Efficiency Rating – a measure of per-minute production
  • True Shooting % – a measure of shooting efficiency based on 2 pt FG, 3 pt FG, and FT
  • Turnover % – an estimate of TOs per 100 plays
  • Offensive Rating – approx points produced per 100 possessions
  • Defensive Rating – approx points allowed per 100 possessions
  • Win Shares – an estimate of the number of wins contributed by a player

I like both of their games a lot and this is not an indictment on Griffin – barring injury, I believe both of them can become all-time greats.

But as it stands now, Love is the better player.

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6 Responses to “Blake Griffin vs Kevin Love – Who’s the Better Player?”

  1. Jeff Gehring Says:

    I do agree. How close were the scores? I am betting it was a small margin of victory.

    • Trev Says:

      It was actually not as close as I thought it would be. I think that just accentuates what a great season Love is having right now, bc last yr’s advanced stats were a lot closer

  2. Anonymous Says:

    That wasn’t a dunk. Helluva play, but he threw the ball through the rim

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