Sporting Hedonism is Upon Us


In a few hours, the NFL free agency frenzy begins. And with it, five days of sports euphoria.

Am I being too dramatic?

To wit, today and tomorrow will feature around-the-clock signings and four “first round” NCAA tourney games; Thursday & Friday more signings and 12 hours of tourney; and Saturday & Sunday more signings and 12 more hours of tourney.

That’s 56 hours of hoops, and NFL news galore. Sprinkle in a little drinking holiday on Saturday, and you have the best five days on the sporting calendar.

The first week of the year is decent for important bowl games. Early April is up there, with the Final Four and MLB’s opening week. In late April, we have the NFL draft and the start of the NBA playoffs. And if we’re lucky, we get a 6 or 7 game series in both the NBA & NHL Finals in early June. 

But this is the crème de la crème.

Friday after work,  the “get the hell away from me, I’m watching hoops at the bar with my 8 brackets and tracking my team’s acquisitions” weekend begins (or if you have no job, it starts Thursday at noon).

Don’t be afraid to overdo it.

UPDATE: Because I got it like that, here is a link to the absolute best bracket to print online. It has everything you need that most bracket’s don’t: the team’s record, game site, tip-off time, and TV channel.


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3 Responses to “Sporting Hedonism is Upon Us”

  1. Scott Johnson Says:

    And think that this used to be TPC week in Jax too. Go to Sawgrass early, get drinking, heckle Tiger, and go to bogie grill and start watching hoops and start hitting the bourbon.

    • Trev Says:

      You left out “take one of Trevor’s favorite hats with you to TPC and get it signed by 18 guys, thereby rendering it unwearable”

  2. Says: ugg butte kids

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