Manu Ginobili & James Harden – Brothers from Another Mother?


A few weeks back while watching OKC in the first round of the playoffs, I started to realize that James Harden’s game was a lot like that of Manu Ginobili. I began to refer to Ginobili as “White Harden”, and to Harden as “Black Ginobili”.

I decided to explore the comparisons a little closer; the similarities are uncanny…right down to unflattering areas of their games’.    


Ginobili   6′ 6″, 210 lb lefty

Harden   6’5″, 215 lb lefty


Ginobili has that awful bald spot that needs to be spray painted; Harden has a bird’s nest beard.


SG; 6th men

Stats (career)

Ginobili   15 ppg  –  4.o reb  –  4 ass  –  1.5 stl  –  2  t.0.  –  45% FG  –  84% FT  –  37% 3FG

Harden    13 ppg  –  3.4 reb  –  2.5 ass  –  1 stl  –  1.6 t.o.  – 45% FG  –  84% FT  –  37% 3FG


Both of are deceptively quick off the dribble; creative scorers;  crafty around the basket; great in transition; and efficient shooters with 3-point range. Defensively, they both get plenty of deflections and are good rebounders for their position.


Neither of them are particularly effective going to the basket with their off-hand, and are average on-ball defenders.


They both infuriate opposing opponents and fans alike with their propensity to flop, and seem to get a lot of calls from officials that are normally reserved for Hall of Famers.

Witness this comical double-flop from Game 1:

They’ve been matched up at times during the series, and I couldn’t help but think–is it easy for them to guard each other because they are so similar?

Are the refs torn between which one they want to favor?

Is my TV going to explode if they get into a fight?

Once Harden shaves his beard, will he give a handful of it to Ginobili for his bald spot?

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7 Responses to “Manu Ginobili & James Harden – Brothers from Another Mother?”

  1. JM Says:

    Agree, along with Wade, they are two of the strangest players in the league, with out the foul line and the refs all three of them would be taking their Euro-step move ( travel) to Europe where it belongs.

  2. JM Says:

    They funny thing is Joey Crawford called a foul on that play, if he was not so bad and in bed with Stern, he should have ejected both of them for flopping.

  3. Jeff Gehring Says:

    I agree that both of them flopped poorly. However, they are talented legitimate NBA players. Not sure who JM is comparing them too, but both are solid talented players. This may be news to JM but countless NBA players use that move of bringing the ball up through the defenders hands/arms to draw a foul. Their appearance is very cartoon like and could use some improvement but this is not next top model.

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