NBA Mock Draft


1. New Orleans Hornets – Anthony Davis: PF, 19, 6-10, 220, Kentucky

Davis will be the first pick, but he won’t be a player to build a franchise around.

Top end NBA Comparison: Marcus Camby

2. Cleveland Cavaliers (predicted trade with Charlotte Bobcats ) – Bradley Beal: SG, 18, 6-4, 201, Florida

Beal caught fire at the end of his freshman year, and the Cavs are in love with him. He won’t be the best wing player taken in this draft in the long run.

Top end NBA Comparison:  (young) Ray Allen  

3. Washington Wizards – Thomas Robinson: PF, 21, 6-9, 240, Kansas

Robinson will be running the floor and finishing with highlight reel dunks with Jon Wall for the next ten years.

Top end NBA Comparison: James Worthy

4. Charlotte Bobcats (from Cleveland) – Michael Kidd-Gilchrist: SF, 18, 6-7, 228, Kentucky

The best prospect in the draft. Jordan found a winner and the leader of his franchise.

Top end NBA Comparison: Scottie Pippen

5. Sacramento Kings – Harrison Barnes: SF, 19, 6-8, 223, North Carolina

Barnes should be a better pro than he was a collegian, but will he ever develop the killer instincts that he seems to be missing?

Top end NBA Comparison: Paul Pierce

6. Portland Trail Blazers (via Brooklyn) – Andre Drummond: C, 18, 6-10, 251, Connecticut

Drummond has huge upside, but so did Eddie Curry; I’m not sure he will be that bad, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Top end NBA Comparison: Roy Hibbert

7. Golden State Warriors- Damian Lillard: PG, 21, 6-2, 185, Weber State

Lillard and Curry could form a great offensive back court that might remind people in the Bay Area of Run-TMC.

Top end NBA Comparison: Tim Hardaway

8. Toronto Raptors – Jeremy Lamb: SG, 19, 6-5, 185, Connecticut

Raptors need a superstar in the worst way and Lamb has that ability; however, he is very immature and most likely will never reach super-stardom.

Top end NBA Comparison: Penny Hardaway

9. Detroit Pistons – John Henson: PF, 21, 6-11, 220, North Carolina

Henson developed more in two years than most players do in a career; he seems to always play with a smile on his face and that rubs some people the wrong way. But he would be a perfect fit for the Pistons and would help on the defensive end.

Top end NBA Comparison: John Salley

10. New Orleans Hornets (via Minnesota) – Kendall Marshall, PG, 20, 6-4, 180, North Carolina

The Hornets will need a PG that will be able to get Davis easy buckets since he can’t create on his own. Marshall’s weaknesses on the defensive end could be erased by Davis, and the two would compliment each other nicely.

Top end NBA Comparison: Mark Jackson

11. Portland Trail Blazers – Dion Waiters: SG, 20, 6-4, 210, Syracuse

The Trail Blazers need someone to fill the role left by Brandon Roy’s early retirement; Waiters could be the guy to do that.

Top end NBA Comparison: Mitch Richmond

12. Houston Rockets – Perry Jones: PF, 20, 6-11, 220, Baylor

Houston will most likely move again, so I am not sure where they will end up, but Jones has some upside so he makes sense here. He is one of the most talented prospects in this draft, and is the type of player that will get either get a GM fired or win them Executive of the Year.

Top end NBA Comparison: Shawn Kemp

13. Phoenix Suns – Austin Rivers: SG, 19, 6-4, 203, Duke

Rivers could be a stud in the NBA if he learned how to pass and play defense. He will score a lot of points but is not a true point and never will be. But he will help put fans in the seats for a franchise that is about to lose their linchpin in Steve Nash.

Top end NBA Comparison: Stephon Marbury

14. Milwaukee Bucks – Meyers Leonard: C, 20, 7-0, 240, Illinois

The Bucks need a big man and Leonard is big; but the Bucks or anyone else will be making a mistake taking Leonard in the first round. He will be a bust in the NBA.

Top end NBA Comparison: Chris Dudley

15. Philadelphia – Jarred Sullinger : PF/C, 20, 6-9, 280, Ohio State

The Sixers have a nice young team and Sullinger reminds me of one of their only vets in Elton Brand. Sullinger won’t be a star, but will be a solid NBA player.

Top end NBA Comparison: Elton Brand

16. Houston Rockets (via New York) – Tyler Zeller: C, 22, 7-0, 250, North Carolina

The Rockets will either trade this pick for the  number 12 pick, or perhaps even both to move up. but if they stay the pick will be Zeller. He will not be an elite center because he has awful hands, but he runs the floor well and can score in the post.

Top end NBA Comparison: Jack Sikma

17. Dallas Mavericks – Terrence Jones: PF, 20, 6-9, 249, Kentucky

Jones is a bit of a nut case on the court, but if there is one team that could get Jones in line it would be the Mavericks. He can do everything on the basketball court and could bring energy to the oldest team in the league.

Top end NBA Comparison: Terry Cummings

18. Minnesota Timberwolves (via Utah) Trade with Houston – Terrence Ross: SG/SF, 21, 6-7, 197, Washington

The Rockets just traded for this pick, so it looks like they will be making more moves. But if they keep this pick, Ross seems to fill a need for them at the 2.

Top end NBA Comparison: JR Smith

19. Orlando Magic – Arnett Moultrie: PF/C, 21, 6-11, 220, Mississippi St.

The Magic will need a big to replace Howard; Moultrie has some upside but he needs to develop better work ethic.

Top end NBA Comparison: Andrew Bynum

20. Denver Nuggets – Andrew Nicholson: PF/C, 22, 6-9, 220, St. Bonaventure

I like Nicholson a lot, and he could be a real steal this late in the draft. He as an NBA body and produced a ton in college.

Top end NBA Comparison: David West

21. Boston Celtics – Royce White: PF, 21, 6-8, 270, Iowa State

White is an all-round player that plays tough and smart. He has some anxiety issues about flying so I am not sure how that will play out. But he could be an early contributor for a playoff team, and that is a pretty good find at 21.

Top end NBA Comparison: Glenn Robinson/Anthony Mason

22. Boston Celtics (via LA Clippers) – Fab Melo: C, 21, 7-0, 250, Syracuse

Boston’s needs a young center even if they keep Garnett around one more year; if he leaves, Melo has a chance to start next year.

Top end NBA Comparison: Brendan Haywood

23. Atlanta Hawks – Quincy Miller: SF, 19, 6-9, 200, Baylor

The Hawks might be moving Josh Smith and Miller has that type of ability; he can play both forward positions. Though he will take a few years, Miller does have upside.

Top end NBA Comparison: Josh Smith

24. Cleveland Cavaliers (via LA Lakers) – Moe Harkless: SF, 19, 6-8, 208, St. John’s

The Cavs could use some athleticism on the wing and Harkless has plenty of that to spare. Moe needs time to develop, but now that the Heat have won, the Cavs have that time.

Top end NBA Comparison: Danny Granger

25. Memphis Grizzlies – Jeff Taylor: SF, 23, 6-7, 226, Vanderbilt

Memphis needs a wing player to pair with Gay; Mayo most likely will be gone, and a kid like Taylor that can shoot would help space the floor for the Grizz.

Top end NBA Comparison: Danny Green

26. Indiana Pacers – Tony Wroten: PG/SG, 19, 6-5, 180, Washington

George Hill is free agent and Wroten can play both his guard spots. He fills a need and has some upside at #26.

Top end NBA Comparison: Ben Gordon

27. Miami Heat – Kyle O’Quinn C, 22, 6-10, 241, Norfolk State

The Heat need help at the 5, and O’Quinn is a team-first guy that might actually add a likeable player to the most unlikable roster in all of sports.

Top end NBA Comparison: Erick Dampier

28. Oklahoma City Thunder – Evan Fournier: SG/SF, 19, 6-7, 206, Poitiers

The Thunder need more shooters off the bench and Fournier could fill that role.

Top end NBA Comparison:  Kyle Korver

29. Chicago Bulls – Tyshawn Taylor: PG, 22, 6-3, 180, Kansas

The Bulls needs a back-up PG that can also play next to Rose; Taylor fits that role perfectly.

Top end NBA Comparison:  Mario Chalmers

30. Golden State (via San Antonio) – Draymond Green: PF, 22, 6-7, 236, Michigan State

Golden State needs some toughness and Green has plenty. He will do whatever it takes to win and will be a crowd favorite for the Warriors.

Top end NBA Comparison: Adrian Dantley

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7 Responses to “NBA Mock Draft”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Marcus Camby, really ? Yes but not on the Top end NBA Comparison, more of the lower end NBA Comparison. It should be Kevin Garnett.

    • JM Says:

      I Don’t think he as the strength or all around game as KG. Camby was a pretty darn good college player. Davis struggled in both match ups verse Cody Zeller and Ty Zeller out played him in that match up as well.
      It is easy to dominate against 6-8 pf in the SEC but in the NBA everyone is as athletic and as big ad Davis. I am pretty confident he is not a Franchise player, more Bosh than KG.

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