NBA Preview – The Predictions



1st Team

Kevin Durant, OKC

LeBron James, MIA

Carmelo Anthony, NYK

Deron Williams, BKN

LaMarcus Aldridge, POR

2nd Team

Russell Westbrook

Chris Paul

Dwyane Wade

Rajon Rondo

Marc Gasol  

3rd Team

Tony Parker

Kobe Bryant

Dwight Howard

James Harden

Tyson Chandler

* most ALL-NBA voters disregard the G-G-C-F-F format, so I will too.


Anthony Davis, N.O.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, CHA

Dion Waiters, CLE

Jared Sullinger, BOS

Damian Lillard, POR*

* I’m cheating, because Lillard is ballin’ his ass off prior to me writing this.



1. MIA 2. IND 3. PHI 4. NYK 5. BKN 6. CHI 7. BOS 8. ATL



1. OKC 2. MEM 3. LAL 4. SA 5. LAC 6. DEN 7. DAL 8. HOU



MIA over OKC in 7 games. Unless Westbrook figures out how to run a team. Then, OKC in 6.


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5 Responses to “NBA Preview – The Predictions”

  1. jadoremebaby Says:

    Reblogged this on WHATS REALLY GOING ON?.

  2. Ramesh Says:

    Cutie pie honey bunch. Are you to young to know that song Jd? Hopefully that does not age me HAHA Wanted to let you know I had a long talk with one of your reps today, Drew and he sounds like a lolvey boy with big things ahead of him. Finding good help is tough to do these days.Good job for a winning night,I made 3103 bucks from the picks you gave plus won a parlay that had 3 2nd half bets.It was so cool.My hubby made the bet, and took Jersey 2nd half,Knicks 2nd half and Utah 2nd half.Not sure if you had Utah or not but it was so close at the end like Jersey. Pretty exciting sweetie. Shopping Spree is back after last week. Thank you honey,,,cant wait to see who you pick tonight.I have a feeling we win big tonight.Sorry if that seems like a jinx to you :0 I better go now I am starting to talk to much :0 . If you have not hear that song before look it up, it is our couples song.

  3. Rihab Says:

    Always Miller Time Yes, Raptor fans, Chris Bosh will be leaving Toronto. He’s done a lot there and I know you prbbaoly will miss him. But Bosh needs a team that can take him to the playoffs. I know Toronto was close, but face it, he’s leaving.

    • Gulya Says:

      hahaha awesome! so do becky’s getrdpanrnas. maybe I’ll show up in my bathrobe (although I don’t have one) and videotape from their porch! by the way I heard a little something about a puffy shirt and french accent. maybe we’ll do the next video on him!

  4. Jairo Says:

    For the first time in months, I’m reaindg books also. It feels good to do so, to lose myself in the world of beautiful prose, as I am right now with Susan Minot’s novel, Evening. But even though reaindg brings joy, I couldn’t keep to a book a week or for that matter, a book a month without the weight of the goal dissolving my joy. Perhaps I’m too wishy-washy the sort who needs wiggle room. So instead, I’ll look forward to following your journey through the pages I imagine the footprints of your reaindg will make its presence felt in your blog. Lightness of spirit, focusing on what we have, shedding weight we don’t need to carry well, it all sounds like steps in the right direction. Positively!Janell

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