NBA Champs Facing Big Decision this Summer


  Warrior fans may be seeing these three together again…but only in an ugly All-Star game uni

Draymond Green is a unique basketball player. He does everything well. He can score in the post, facing up, off the dribble, and from the perimeter. He runs the floor well, can lead the break, and is a good passer. On the other end, he guards wings and bigs as well as anyone in the league. He gets his hands in passing lanes and protects the rim. Green also is a vocal leader beloved by teammates and looks irreplaceable based on everything he does for the Warriors.

Green’s contract situation is also unique. A second round pick in 2012, he becomes a restricted free agent July 1st after three years in Golden St. where he made less than $1 million per year. As an RFA, the Warriors will have the Right of First Refusal, meaning they will have three days to match an offer he gets from another team.

Golden St. has said they will indeed match any offer he gets but his demand will be high given the way he played in the postseason, and at age 25, his next five years will likely be his best in the league. Adding to the intrigue, a year from now new TV revenue will drive up the salary cap drastically, from $67 million to a projected $89 million in 2016-17 and $108 million in 2017-18. 

The Warriors have about $66 million in 2015-2016 salary allotted to Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Andrew Bogut, Andre Iguodala, and David Lee (although they are expected to trade Lee this summer). Looking forward, they will presumably want to extend Harrison Barnes and Shaun Livingston at some point. While Thompson is under contract for four more years, Curry will need to be extended relatively soon in what will likely be a massive deal.

The 2015 Free Agent class is loaded, but many (including Green) will likely sign one year deals in anticipation of a big payday a year from now. The question for Green and the Warriors will be his value on a one year basis. If they are able to trade Lee and get his $15 million off the books, will that be a starting point for the two sides? There also is the possibility that the New York Knicks will throw big money at him, and the Saginaw native will likely see Detroit make an offer as well.

Golden St. would be wise to learn from the James Harden – OKC saga. If they want to keep Green long-term, and in the process keep three stars, they will have to sacrifice Barnes. The Thunder valued Serge Ibaka more than Harden, and before eventually moving Harden, allowed the situation to become a prolonged distraction. Green doesn’t seem to want to be a lead dog somewhere else like Harden did, but can anyone blame him for maximizing his earning potential if the Pistons throw a max deal at him (this year or next)? Someone is going to reward him one way or another, and if it is the Warriors, there wont be room for Barnes.

It will be very interesting to see how the next month plays out for Green and the champion Warriors. In order to scare teams away, is the organization bluffing when they contend they will match ANY offer? Golden St. would be wise to do everything possible to lock him up for the long haul this summer. A year from now, he could be coming off an even better season and command even more money. Worse for Warrior fans, that season could be with another team.


9 Responses to “NBA Champs Facing Big Decision this Summer”

  1. muchadoaboutbasketball Says:

    Green has always been solid player, and especially a team player. Four years at Michigan State has shown that. Although he is an excellent player, and will probably continue to get better, I honestly Believe he is going to try and lock up a longer-term deal. He shows us what a playmaking for is capable of, but he still is undersized and it would be valuable for him to lock up a five-year deal. I understand that the Is going up and why he might want to wait. Jimmy dollar bet on himself and it paid off, but if green does the same and gets injured, It could really affect how much money you can make in the long term.

    Golden state is absolutely using a scare tactic, and although it might not work, it could save them some money.

    • Trev Says:

      Great points. I’m in the opinion that they should be proactive and lock him up before he gets any big offers. The longer they wait the more they will have match. Thanks for reading

      • muchadoaboutbasketball Says:

        It sounds like he is willing to take a big of a pay cut and sign right when free agency hits tonight. I’d love it if they could keep the core together. It would be incredibly sad Draymond left after winning a title. Can’t imagine he would. Not after the year they just had.

        • Trev Says:

          There is a delicate balance between loyalty to a franchise (and winning) and maximizing your earning potential. That being said, he is crazy for taking a big pay cut to stay there. He is not a system player – he would excel anywhere. I could see a 1 yr $15 deal but a multi yr deal absolutely has to be in the $18-20 range factoring in the cap spike. Otherwise he is doing himself a disservice

          • muchadoaboutbasketball Says:

            Oh, I agree. It will be interesting to see what the deal they come up with is. I believe the Warriors would pay whatever they needed to get the deal done. Perhaps they give him a two-year deal with an option for the third so he can opt out and get a big pay raise on the Jumps to $108’s certainly going to be a tricky situation and extremely difficult to keep this court together. But, the worriers need to be careful because two years from now if Steph remains healthy until then, he is going to get paid in a big way.

            • Trev Says:

              Absolutely could see that scenario. And you’re right – if Curry continues to impress, they will be looking at allotting at least $35 per yr to him

              • muchadoaboutbasketball Says:

                I appreciate the back-and-forth. If you get a chance check out my blog at I followed yours and look forward to reading more.

                • Trev Says:

                  Im on it Bobby – one request: can you not destroy the sixers on your about page thats my club ha. How bout the Kings instead???

                  • muchadoaboutbasketball Says:

                    Ha! I won’t destroy the sixers. I actually want them to make strides this year. I truly think they can. So disappointed that embiid isn’t healthy. How do you think the team will do this year?

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