Welcome to The Cult


The primary purpose of this blog is to discuss sports; focusing mainly on the

NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA football & basketball, & international soccer. My hope

is that we can keep this original and thought-provoking; and that this will be a

place that sports junkies can come to the get their fix.


5 Responses to “Welcome to The Cult”

  1. JM Pearson Says:

    Excited to be a member of the Cult

  2. supodyssey Says:

    Let the sports knowledge flow!!!

  3. Jason Baker Says:

    Oops… I think I just stepped into a big pile of Sports Cult!

  4. T-Pfaff Says:

    Happy to be part of T-Cro’s cult.

  5. Trev Says:

    Thanks Pfaff!

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