Will UNC come up LONG in March?


A couple of times a week you can see a certain basketball team trot out a rotation that looks like this:

PG – 6’4″

SG – 6’7″  205 lbs

SF – 6′ 8″  215  (6’11″ wing span)

PF – 6’11″ (7’5″ wing span)

C – 7’0″  250 lbs

First big off the bench – 6’9″

Back up swing man – 6’6″  220

If you were looking to your nearest NBA city, you would come up empty. The place to find this long basketball lineup is none other than Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

The University of North Carolina men’s basketball team boasts the biggest lineup in college basketball, and bigger than any NBA rotation outside of the Washington Wizards.

Having length on defense is now the trendy thing for NBA scouts and college recruiters; the ability to get in passing lanes and alter shots is key on the defensive end.

However, UNC has recently given up 90 points to Florida State, and 49 points to Georgia Tech in the second half. Why has an NBA-sized team struggled at times on defense this season?

There are two answers; the first is coach Roy Williams’ lack of adjustment against drive and kick (three-point shooting teams), and his choice to have his wings rotate down off shooters instead of staying home.

The other is pure old-fashioned effort on defense. It seems that sometimes UNC players already think they are in the NBA, and are playing the second night of a back-to-back game against the Hornets.

As the February calendar gets closer to March, this Tar Heel team has all the measurables on paper to be a great defensive team and go deep in the tourney.

With the recent increase of playing time for Reggie Bullock (and his effort on defense of late), UNC is showing signs of getting it on the defensive end.

Time will only tell if they come up LONG in March.

Photo courtesy of dailytarheel.com


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2 Responses to “Will UNC come up LONG in March?”

  1. Jeff Gehring Says:

    Some advantages can’t be gained by practicing. It is a major asset, but it comes to down to talent and game knowledge.

  2. Dalia Says:

    , I hope you get your wall back/get a new one and re-enact the fall. German reunification and deaiirmtczatoon is something to celebrate, and such celebrations should not be obstructed by people stealing props, either for hypothetical political reasons or because they want spiffy lawn art.

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