Where’s the Game?


In a technological world, we now have access to virtually everything instantly.

We have been watching and critiquing both New England and New York the entire season and playoffs.  There is also a two-week break before the Super Bowl to compile even more information on these teams.

With so much time and technology, we should have a clear picture on how this game will turn out.    

Instead, we know that David Beckham is in his underwear during an H&M commercial.  Will Arnett is now with Hulu; Mark Cuban is plugging Skechers shoes; and both Toyota and Volkswagen have some intelligent and funny advertisements.

Madonna will be taking over halftime, and she directed an upcoming movie–along with the music to the soundtrack.

So much attention is paid to the hype and advertising, we stop discussing and analyzing the game.  You can see the top ads from all the Super Bowls on Hulu.

We are now actually critiquing and analyzing the ads, something most of us would fast forward or use as a bathroom break.

It’s hard to say that money is not a part of this problem with a 60-second ad spot going for $7 million.  With so much invested, it’s no wonder that the media is shoving these ads down our throats before and after the game.

We’re left stuffed with hype–and we have no room left for the game.

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One Response to “Where’s the Game?”

  1. Trev Says:

    It’s crazy – now we are talking about the commercials days before the SB as opposed to days afterwards.

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