Irsay – Manning Controversy Much Ado About…the Truth


Sad Peyton

I can’t resist a controversy surrounding Frankenstein.

During the week, Colts owner and twitter whore Jim Irsay was quoted in an earlier interview with less than flattering words about Peyton Manning’s time in Indy. You know the specifics, so I will summarize; WE GOT TIRED OF GREAT REGULAR SEASONS FOLLOWED BY SHITTY POSTSEASONS.

Predictably, the media was all over it (as if NBC needed any more pub for the SNF matchup – you would have thought the DAL – WAS game was the week before the Super Bowl). How dare Irsay slander Manning? What an ungrateful owner! Peyton is gonna be so mad he will throw 8 TDs!!!

Here is the funny thing – Irsay was spot on. Manning has been dreadful in the playoffs. I spoke about it last year, and that was before his most recent meltdown at home 9 months ago.

The media is more than happy to rationalize for him, and Irsay has sadly back pedaled and tried to put out the fire. But the facts remain. Manning kept his mouth shut this week, and short of “he was right”, it was the best decision.

Some have suggested this puts added heat on Andrew Luck. I disagree. There is zero pressure on him.

Manning may throw for 8 TDs, it wouldn’t surprise me. As a close friend memorably said to me recently about a monster game from him…”carry on, that’s just Regular Season Peyton.”

Until further notice, Manning was rightfully labeled…and Irsay is still a buffoon.

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