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USA’s World Cup Draw Not as Bad as It Seems

May 22, 2014


With the World Cup finals fast approaching the United States finds itself in Group G—what most pundits are considering this year’s Group of Death—facing first round matches against Ghana, Portugal, and Germany. When the groups were drawn back in December there was a good deal of handwringing from commentators and fans about the USA’s bad luck. I spent a good twenty minutes on the phone myself talking my dad off the conspiracy ledge once the groups were settled. (more…)


Dear Tim Tebow: You Don’t Matter, But Here’s How You Can

May 28, 2012

Dear Tim,

I will be blunt because I know you can handle it. Your career as an NFL quarterback that matters is over. You’ll certainly see some action in New York as a backup. And it’s not inconceivable that some act of God (in the form of a thunderbolt to Mark Sanchez’s ligaments or noggin) might get you back in as a starter. But neither the All-American apple-cheeked aw-shucks image nor your legions of flyover-state fans are going to help when the knives come out in the country’s toughest media market.


Corporate Fail: Sprint Doesn’t Understand Basketball Terminology

April 30, 2012

I’m not expecting a helluva lot from a cell phone commercial. But since we’re going to be seeing this Kevin Durant spot for the next six weeks, it deserves a little bit of criticism. Go ahead and watch the ad again before we get started.

A number of things are bothering me here.    (more…)

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