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Irsay – Manning Controversy Much Ado About…the Truth

October 19, 2013

Sad Peyton

I can’t resist a controversy surrounding Frankenstein.

During the week, Colts owner and twitter whore Jim Irsay was quoted in an earlier interview with less than flattering words about Peyton Manning’s time in Indy. You know the specifics, so I will summarize; WE GOT TIRED OF GREAT REGULAR SEASONS FOLLOWED BY SHITTY POSTSEASONS.

Predictably, the media was all over it (as if NBC needed any more pub for the SNF matchup – you would have thought the DAL – WAS game was the week before the Super Bowl). (more…)


NFL Concussion Documentary Omitting the Obvious???

October 9, 2013


NFL Concussion Documentary Omitting the Obvious???

I’m the first person to hammer the NFL, the Walmart of the American Sports Industry ; but PFT points out what League of Denial overlooked…

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